Spring Maintenance and Pond Cleaning Services

Spring Maintenance/Pond Cleaning Services

If you live in the Northumberland, Peterborough, Bowmanville, or Durham Regions, you most likely experience a lot of falling debris during the winter months. This build up of debris can lead to algae, and water quality issues in the spring. We recommend that your pond receives a full cleaning at least once per year to help maintain its low maintenance and beautiful appearance. We offer efficient and knowledgeable services when it comes to cleaning, maintaining, and developing a proper balance within your pond. For a limited time offering, fill out our Spring Cleanout Request Form and save on this year’s cleaning!

What is the Process?

  • FIRST fill out and submit our Spring Cleanout Request Form. We service over a hundred water gardens beginning as soon as the ice thaws, so waiting is NOT ideal.  We will call or e-mail you (from the info you provide on the form) to schedule your cleaning, or to give you the cost of your cleaning.
  •  On pond cleanout day, be sure to have your garden hose outside, waterfall pump(s) and other components readily available and your water garden electrical outlet turned on.
  • Clearwater Creations will now get down and dirty with your pond! The water will be drained and the fish temporarily stored. The pond will then get pressure washed, rinsed and vacummed. Once the pond is washed down, we will then trim back and fertilize aquatic plants (as required), check underwater light bulbs or fixtures, re-adjust rocks and gravel and finally install the waterfall pump.
  • If your water garden includes a pond with fish, upon finishing your cleanout we will refill the pond with enough water to re-introduce the fish. For larger ponds, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FINISHING THE FILLING PROCESS AND PLUGGING IN THE WATERFALL PUMP.

Aquascape's Spring Cleanout How To

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