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Clearwater Creations Pond Algae, Leak & Renovation, & Pond Profile Services

For Pond Owners Located in Cobourg, Port Hope, Peterborough, Bowmanville, and Durham Regions.

Did you just buy a home in Cobourg, Port Hope, Peterborough, Bowmanville, or the Durham Region that has an existing pond and you are wondering how to take care of it? Maybe you’ve had a pond for a while that has always given you trouble? Our Pond Profile service is designed specifically for those customers in the Northumberland, Peterborough, Clarington, and Durham Regions that own a pond and need assistance/advice with your existing Pond. Whether you have Algae problems, a Pond Leak or simply just have questions on how to take care your pond, our Pond Profile Service is for you.

We will schedule an appointment with you and one of our Pond Professionals to come out and evaluate your pond. Sometimes the fix may as simple as adding a few pond plants, some oxygen, and a regular regiment of water treatments. Other times additional filtration or a partial overhaul may be the solution.

One thing you can count on from us is an honest and fair evaluation of your pond and a detailed plan for solving the problems of your high maintenance pond.

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