Decorative Fountainscapes

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We have been building award winning Ponds and Water features in the Peterborough, Northumberland, Clarington and Durham Regions since 2011.

Create a Paradise - Aquascape Fountainscapes

Decorative Fountainscapes

Similarly to a Disappearing Waterfall, Decorative Fountainscapes can add those peaceful sights and sounds of running water to your landscape or patio without the responsibilities of a traditional waterfall or pond.  Designed to be a water feature unto itself, disappearing fountains are perfect for people who want to add a water feature on a deck, patio, lawn or flower garden.

Decorative Fountainscapes also make wonderful additions to any existing landscape and are child-friendly as there is no open water basin to pose a drowning risk. Disappearing Fountains are extremely efficient on energy and require practically NO maintenance. They make a perfect starter water feature!

How To Create an Easy Container Water Feature

Patio Ponds or Mini-Ponds – Create your own little paradise!

Patio-ponds bring the beauty of water to your landscape with minimal commitment and cost. Let Clearwater Creations help you create the perfect starter garden for your space. Patio-ponds are a perfect addition to your patio, deck, or apartment terrace. They can incorporate the same features of a large scale pond including fountains, fish, and plants.

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