Spring is on the horizon!

Congratulations! You've made it through yet another holiday season, you've dug yourself out of a few bad winter storms, and now you're starting to realize that spring is on it's way! And with all great springs, comes another great season of Clearwater Creations Weekly Pond Tips!

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Since we're all still buried in snow, there's not much you should be doing other than continue to monitor the ice, fish, and any pumps or aerators you may be running this time of year. The hole you've been maintaining in the ice all winter is going to earn it's keep once the temperatures rise and the debris at the bottom of the pond begins to release potentially harmful gases like ammonia. 

You can also start thinking about the problems you faced last year, and/or any changes you've been planning to make to the pond to make your pond experience more enjoyable this year! It's always a good idea to plan ahead! For example, get ahead of your early spring algae bloom by adding barley straw or barley staw extract as soon as the weather breaks for spring!